The Lily Foundation


Firstly, we would like to wish you a very happy and prosperous 2022.

Last year around this time we also sent out a mail to our donors and in the last sentence we wrote “We wish everyone a better 2021”. Now we’re a year further and there will undoubtedly be some people who had a much better 2021, but when I look at Cambodia and especially in Siem Reap, there are many people who are worse off.

More businesses in the tourism sector and its connected supply companies have lost their jobs. Thousands, even tens of thousands have lost their jobs. Wonderful businesses which had good futures are no longer operating. Many others are now facing major financial problems and it is still unclear when the situation will improve for them. Even though the borders have been open to tourists since December, we have welcomed very few. Tourists currently prefer to stay in their own country or close to home rather than go to long-haul destinations. Fortunately, our donors have remained loyal to us and in the past year we have again supported various projects.

As with every year, our special thanks go out to all our donors, friends and family who have contributed money, products or anything else. Without your invaluable help, the Lily Foundation could not help the people we do. We will end with the same words as last year: Nobody knows what 2022 will bring, but whatever happens, we will continue to help the less fortunate people in whatever way we can.

We wish everyone a better 2022.
Andre and Lily

Since 2011, the Lily Foundation has been involved in aiding and supporting local organisations. And also less fortunate communities in various small and significant ways. The foundation has helped raise funds and donations in kind for very poor families and various causes. Including victims of natural calamities as floods which occur in many parts of the country every year; facilitates free learning opportunities for the less privileged youth placing volunteer teachers with these student groups; and other ways and places we could extend assistance.

The Lily foundation aims to continue reaching out to and helping very poor Cambodian families. Especially in far flung areas. Through the funding we are grateful to receive, part of it goes to basic supplies such as food and clean water. We deliver to far away and impoverished villages. So far, we have been very fortunate in all the ready help and sacrifices from volunteers in the community who joined us in trips to deliver aid to villages.

We hope that in the long run, and with the continued generosity and support from sponsors. But also from our family, and friends (old and new) from around the world. We can possibly develop a sustainable way to support these people in need and other causes. We are proud that Lily Foundation, here in Cambodia becomes part of.