2018: Lending a helping hand to many small projects.

In 2018 we received many donations from many different areas. These came not only in dollars, but also in the form of practical goods. We are always very happy that many of our guests donate to our worthy causes, so we can continue to help the people who need it the most.

There are many good projects in Cambodia, and the goal of the Lily Foundation is to help them flourish and maintain their motivation to continue. We don’t donate only to projects, but also directly to people who are particularly in need.

Please find below a list of projects we have supported over the last year:

CWEOK (Cambodian Woman Education Organization of Kampot)

CWEOK is a small NGO in Kep/Kampot which runs a local school for rural children. Every afternoon approximately 50 children get extra education for free from the dedicated teachers. Twice a month all students are also provided with a special lunch. Besides running the school, CWEOK also educates and helps woman in the local community in areas such as human rights information and domestic violence prevention and assistance.

Lily foundation pays the $400 monthly the salary of the teachers in order for them to continue their wonderful work, helping the children in the community. We have also donated toothpaste and toothbrushes for the students
CWEOK on Facebook


CAMBOBABS is a small school, 10 km outside Kampot in a small rural village. It provides local children a valuable education, especially in English, giving the students more opportunity to progress in their future. The Lily Foundation helps to pay the monthly the salary ($450) of some teachers
CAMBOBABS on Facebook

The Kids on the bridge:

Kevin Sysyn, a famous musician in Siem Reap, started The Kids on the Bridge after being surrounded by street kids busking on one of the footbridges in Siem Reap. He took the money he made and paid for the kids to have a good dinner at one of the nearby street stalls. Since then he has developed his project into a daily dinner for local street kids. All the money he makes performing around town, along with all donations from tourists, expats and local businesses and foundations go to help fed the street children street children. The Lilly Foundation has provided a $100 to this worthy cause.
The Kids on the bridge Website
The Kids on the bridge Go Fund Me

Stichting Beetje Beter:

This wonderful organization offers children in Cambodia a chance for a better future through education. By working in two slums in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The foundation was established in July 2007 and has grown from a passion for travel and a shared vision of a better world. The founders have the mission to make the world a little better with few resources. The Lily Foundation donated $100 to help fund and educational trip for the young students.

Stichting Beetje Beter Website
Stichting Beetje Beter on Facebook

Landmine Relief Fund:

The Landmine Relief Fund was established to support the mine clearing work of Cambodian Self Help Demining, an NGO established by ex-child soldier and CNN Hero Aki Ra. It also helps to support the Cambodian Landmine Museum Relief Center and its related work. The Lily Foundation donated $100 towards building a new school in the area as well as a further $100 during the time the landmine museum was forced to close its doors.
Landmine Relief Fund on Facebook

Kampong Kleang.

Kampong Kleang floating village is one of the most scenic in Asia, however many of the families find it hard to get by day-to-day. The Lily foundation has donated 7 bicycles to students who cannot afford one, in order for them to be able to cycle to school and around the neighborhood. Thanks to Gepco and Jaqueline.

Trapang Sankge Community Eco tourism.

Trapangsangke Community Based Ecotourism Kampot is grass root fisheries community, they set up this community is to conservation the mangrove and increase the local income, in 2013 under supported from Action Aid Cambodia Organization this community is promoted themselves to Community based ecotourism. Our guests planting new baby mangroves to restore the mangrove forest.

World Cleanup day:

The Lily foundation is proud to support the World Cleanup day. Our annual event is always an enjoyable and worthwhile day! We provided hand gloves, face masks, grabbers, rice bags, t-shirts, refill aluminum bottles and a lunch for everyone who joined the cleanup day. Bags and bags of rubbish, plastic and waste were cleared from the local neighborhood, improving the environment for everyone. It is always a great feeling to help keep the city of Siem Reap clean! Big thanks to the staff of Cambodian Travel Partner, freelance drivers and guides and everyone who give us a helping hand.

Nicole Kramer:

Vet care is improving in Siem Reap, partly through the work of wonderful people like Nicole Kramer. We were proud to provide a $100 donation towards vaccinations for the many street dogs in Siem Reap, helping reduce the spread of disease and infection.
Nicole Kramer on Facebook


Manava is a wonderful organization which supports female artisans by creating beautiful rattan products that bring people together to preserve an important Cambodian handicraft skill, as well as providing education and empowerment training to Cambodian women. The Lilly foundation were happy to donate $100 to this worthwhile cause.
Manava Website

But there is more…

While travelling extensively throughout Cambodia, we often come across individually worthy causes such as elderly people in the villages in urgent need of education, or a school running desperately short of supplies. In these cases we are happy to help with donations whenever we can.

A big thank you to you all.

We are very thankful for all our guests, friends and family who donate money or goods to Lily foundation. Without your help we could never can do this alone.

Our special thanks go to: Sebastian and Ursula, Jan and Aiw, Ronald, Vi, Alfred and Catherine, Klaus and Rita, Ralf and Christiane, Franz and Petra, Klaus and Heike, Klaus and Rita, Matthias and Ingrid, Joachim and Rita, Jurgen and Christina, Markus and Marita, Dirk and Shima, Gepco and Jaqueline, and all our guests from Cambodian Travel Partner and Red Dust Adventures because traveling with us means you are helping the local community.

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