CATA Involvement in the Cleaning of Kampong Khleang

CATA SOCIAL ACTIVITIES: Keep Kampong Khleang Free of Plastic Rubbish

337 participants took part in this ‘environment-cleaning day’, and approximately 2,500 kg of plastic rubbish were collected.

Kampong Khleang is located on the northern lake-edge of Tonle Sap Great Lake of Cambodia about 55 km east of Siem Reap town, more remote, but less visited by tourist.

Since past few months, Kampong Khleang community has been facing waste problems especially rubbish from plastic waste. With the lack of initiative and limited management, the local people have no idea on how to overcome or manage their daily waste.

Following a closely listening to the member and tourist suggestions, Cambodia Association of Travel Agent (CATA), aware the important of promoting cleaning day for keeping Kampong Khleang free of plastic waste.
After several meetings with the community and the commune of Kampong Khleang, on Sunday, 6 July 2014, CATA organized cleaning day called “Our Beautiful Village Day” to collect the plastic waste along streets and the villages and to initiative the awareness of the impact of rubbish, particularly the plastic. This social activity is a lead to find solutions for local authorities to solve problems on their own. The endeavour is not only organizing the waste collection, but also to educate and encourage people in the area to get involve.

Despite time constrain, the event has still successfully attached various parties including hotels, restaurants, organizations, and tour agency who are members of CATA, as many as students, teachers, villagers, local authorities and monks. So there are totally 337 participants has taken part in this environmental day (141 people from various tourism operators and 196 from local villager). And approximately 2,500 kg of plastic rubbish was collected.
This is a long term project that CATA has initiate such like propaganda slogans “A CLEAN VILLAGE START FROM US”, “CLEAN COMMUNITY”, “MORE TOURISTS,” and “TOGETHER FOR KAMPONG KHLEANG FREE OF PLASTIC”

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